FUJIGEN J-Standard, an almost unused and in good condition has arrived!

The ash body is equipped with a maple fingerboard and EMG pickups, and while the tone matches the rock sound, it sounds good as an individual and the rear ham can be coil tapped, so there are various specifications. It is one that can flexibly respond to the situation.

The circle fretting system (C.F.S) is adopted, and in addition to the accurate pitch feeling, the sound omission and sustain are also improved, and it is a series with excellent cost performance.

The edge of the body looks angular when viewed from the front, but when you actually hold it, it fits compactly with an exquisite fit, with a cutaway depth and a 5-point detachable neck that does not use a neck plate. Coupled with this, it provides outstanding playability whether you are sitting or standing.

With the matte paint and the metal parts unified in black, not only the sound but also the visual impact is perfect!

[Product status]
-There was no problem with the sound check.

■ Fret remaining: About 90%
■ Neck condition: Straight
■ Truss rod: There is room in both tightening and loosening directions.
■ String height: 12f, 1st string 2.0mm, 4th string 3mm
■ Nut width: Approximately: 38.5mm
■ Scale: Long

Body Wood: Ash
Number of Frets: 24
Neck Wood: Maple
Fretboard Wood: Maple
Weight: 4.25kg

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